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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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and work with everyday dedication of this monument was intended to honor and went who, who gave the ultimate surface we went our brave men and women who figure out on behalf of the nation abrade it will contain scared soils from the hills and valleys of upper europe from central america to the conflicts happening in the deserts scared soil and many monument will give voice to those who are lost the irony although i've served e served in the army and prepared for battle my desert is colorado springs my junldz were the
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sweltering summers of south carolina but nevertheless, i stand here today to give voice to those who are now silent those who that gave in their life in battle out of duty and honor i've found with the stories i've heard from my veteran students and other veterans who have seen embattle each one fall even gave in their life for the man standing next to them by honoring the fall we must also honor who those who they for the truth of the matter u fought for and with those who made it back home this monument speaks for those who were made silent by death we as the community need to give voice to those who silently live on from our elected koflz of officials to our businesses and are
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corporations to every veteran service organization and amongst the veteran community itself we need to live our lives remembering the great skasz made for us to work together to serve those who have served with the dedication of that monument and the eir turning of the excavated soil we knew our vow to stop homeless in the veteran community to provide the services and benefits our veterans have earned and deserve and educate newest generation of the veterans and give true opportunity in the workforce to our highly skilled and highly disciplined he veteran job seekers we'll remember the skies and remember to give a voice to our honored fallen and those who died for, thank you.
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(clapping.) >> to dedicate our san francisco veterans memorial scared soil will be restored in the passage of remembrance the chest of the soils was made especially by the staff of the memorial board the seal of each of the services is on the chest and the inscription that translates that we never forget placing the chest with the soils will be nelson alumni the veteran legion a vietnam veteran and our i did not know veteran lee 0 la now.
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>> (clapping) in a minute i'll ask you to arise as the first marine band plays i ask you to past through the memorial stopping to reflect on the poem and have a glassed
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of champagne but first thank you for the color glory that stood through all the service and for the first definition band please rise for the color of the retirees color graduate retire the colors. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that concludes our ceremony thank you, very muchyou.
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in landing a contract with the sfoifk is pretty champ but now with the opened contracting center visitors can get opportunity at the new state of the arc facility and attend workshops and receive one-on-one technical assistance and learner what you need to become a primary contractor or what information to be a subcontractor and a created bed public commission it will help people to assist people to compete for and performance open city contract
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a lot of small businesses do have the resources to loblth the opportunity so one of the things we wanted to do was provide ways to access contract >> access to the plans spiefkz and a data place basis ease contracting opportunity and funding or capital training. this is and other documents that needs to be submitted. to compete is a technical skill that it takes to win a scheduling for a popular to you can win a professional services job or how to put together a quote it's all those technical pieces. looking at the contracting assistance center is our touch point with we get the people to come and see the planning specks and later than about projects
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earlier is he get training so you're ready to go arrest hello engineering it has all the tools that a contractor small or large can come here. i can't say enough about the center it's a blessing. we do business all over the country and world and a place like the contractor center to identify the business in san francisco >> the reality is you need training and that's what the center is here to train and make you better qualified to go work with the city and county and to be successful at the end. >> that will give people the competitive edge e edge at receiving contracts with the
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city. >> we have krafshth services here that help you find out where you need to get the skills forbidding. >> i mean local businesses participation in city projects is a winning factor it helms help the business their local businesses they're paying savings and a property tax and payroll tax and normally adhere san franciscans so their bowing goods and services in san francisco it really helps the economy of san francisco grow so its not only a benefit to the project but to the city. the contractors center is 5 thomas melon circle in the bayview area open 8:30 to 5
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welc week. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the san francisco. the reporter: has many opportunities to get out and placing play a 4 thousand acres of play rec and park has a place win the high sincerely the place to remove user from the upper life and transform into one of mother nachdz place go into the rec and park camp mather located one hundred and 80 square miles from the bay bridge past the oakland bridge and on and on camp mather the city
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owned sierra nevada camping facility is outings outside the gate of yosemite park it dates back before the area became is a popular vacation it i sites it was home to indians who made the camp where the coral now stands up and artifacts are found sometimes arrest this was the tree that the native people calm for the ac accordions that had a high food value the acorns were fatally off the trees in september but they would come up prosecute the foothills and were recipe the same as the people that came to camp camp is celebrating it's 90th year and the indians were up here for 4 thousand we see every
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day of them in the grinding rocks around the camp we have about 15 grinding sites in came so it was a major summer report area for the 92 hawks. >> through there are signs that prosperity were in the area it was not until the early part of the century with the 76 began the construction of damn in helpfully a say mill was billed open the left hand of the math for the construction by which lake was used to float logs needed for the project at the same time the yosemite park and company used the other side of the camp to house tourists interesting in seeing
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the national park and the constructions of damn when the u son damn was completed many of the facilities were not needed then the city of san francisco donated the property it was named camp mather the first director it was named after him tuesday morning away amongst the pine the giant sequoia is the giants inventories first name if our title is camp means there's going to be dirt and bugs and so long as you can get past that part this place it pretty awesome i see i see.
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>> with a little taste of freedom from the city life you can soak up the country life with swimming and volley ball and swimming and horseback riding there you go buddy. >> we do offer and really good amount of programming and give a sample p of san francisco rec and park department has to offer hopefully we've been here 90 years my camp name is falcon i'm a recession he leader i've been leading the bill clinton and
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anarchy and have had sometimes arts and crafts a lot of our guests have been coming for many years and have almost glutin up, up here he activity or children activity or parent activity here at camp mather you are experiencing as a family without having to get into a car and drive somewhere fill your day with with what can to back fun at the majestic life the essence of camp mather
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one thing a that's been interesting i think as it evolves there's no representation here oh, there's no representation so all the adults are engine i you know disconnected so there's more connection the adults and parents are really friendly but i think in our modern culture i you know everyone's is used to be on their phones and people are eager to engagement and talk they don't have their social media so here they are at camp mather how are i doing. >> how are you doing
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it has over one hundred hundred cabins those rustic structures gives camp mather the old atmosphere that enhances the total wilderness experience and old woolen dressers and poaches and rug i do lay out people want to decorate the front of thaifr their cabins and front poefrnz their living room is outside in this awesome environment they're not inviting their guests inside where the berms are people get creative with the latin-american and the bull frogs start the
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trees grow and camp mather is seen in a different light we're approaching dinner time in the construction of the hetch hetchy damn the yosemite park built jackson diane hauling hall to serve the guests it does was it dbe does best service s serve the food. >> i'm the executive chef i served over 15 hundred meals a day for the camp mather folks breakfasts are pancakes and french toast and skranld eggs and hash brown's our meal formulate is we have roost lion it's reflecting of the audience we have
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people love our meals and love the idea they can pick up a meal and do worry about doing the dishes can have a great time at camp mather after camp people indulge themselves everyone racks go in a place that's crisis that i air after the crackinging of a campfire a campfire. >> the evening is kept up with a tenant show a longed tradition it features music i tried this trick and - this
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talent show is famous for traditional things but we have new things ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the first 7, 8, 9 being on stage and being embarrassed and doing random things >> unlike my anothers twinkling stars are an unforcible memory ♪ ♪ ♪ admission to camp mather is through a lottery it includes meals and camp programs
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remember all applicant registration on line into a lottery and have a rec and park department family account to register registration typically begins the first week of january and ends the first week in february this hey sierra oasis is a great place to enjoy lifeiest outside of the hustle and bustle and kickback and enjoy and a half >> everything is so huge and beautiful. >> the children grew up her playing around and riding their bites e bicycles it's a great place to let the children see what's outside of the city
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common experience is a this unique camp when you get lost in the high sierra wilderness camp mather is waiting and we look forward to city manager's office you here soon ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> please silence any mobile devices that may sound off during these proceedings and when speaking before the commission if you care to state your name, for the record. and i would like to take the roll for the planning commission, commission president wu? >> here. >> fong. >> here. >> antonini. >> here. >> moe.


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